The Nison Pinson Foundation

This foundation is named after Rabbi Nison Pinson, a survivor of Nazi Europe and Soviet communism in his early years who became a pioneer in Jewish education. Under the guidance of his Rebbe, Rabbi M. M. Shneerson of Lubavitch, Rabbi Pinson took responsibility for the education of the youth in North Africa. With his leadership skills and charisma he worked with the community in Casablanca, Morocco and starting in 1960 across Tunisia, to establish schools, synagogues, Mikvas, and other organizations aimed at keeping the flame of Judaism alive in the darkest of times.

Together with his wife they educated their children to follow in this path of self sacrifice; their children and grandchildren have taken positions of leadership in Jewish education across the Mediterranean sea, on the French Riviera, in Paris, Brussels and around the world. Rabbi Pinson's legacy continues and will continue to influence his students, colleagues and admirers to put themselves forward in the bettering of the world and the education of the Jewish people.

The Nison Pinson Foundation's mission is to encourage the development of such programs that follow Rabbi Pinson's spirit and vision. Through the financial support of schools and community centers around the world, The Foundation aims to preserve and expand Rabbi Pinson's lifetime achievements.

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